So here I am. My name is Mandy, I am 40 something years old. I am married to my husband and business partner Stuart. I have kids horses and dogs but only have to look after the horses and dogs after the kids grew up and took flight. . 

However, if you're here, I can only assume you're looking for a Wedding Photographer. You will spend most of the day with me so it is kind of important we get on for both our sake.  

To put it in simple terms, I love this job. I like to greet everyone with a smile, and then proceed into the background on your big day to the point it feels like you've been photographed by a friend. There will be no huge lens in your face as I tend to prefer candid shots, and capture your event as it occurs naturally. I remember all the little details, all the dates, and the stories you tell. I like to ask questions, and I want to know everything that is important to you so that I can portray it in a digital album.

I put my heart and soul into what I do and my passion is driven by the terrible ordeal I had around my photographer at my own wedding. 

I love to laugh, and I'd like to think I'm a good mix of fun and professionalism - I'll read moments to decide which one of those I need to be... ie, I'll cry through your dad's speech, but then I'll be the one laughing the most through the best man's speech. I'm very organised, and have a car boot full of props under the I may need that way of thinking.

If I sound like your sort of person and you'd like to meet for a chat about your big day, feel free to get in touch. We can then check each other out to see if we are compatible. I do choose as I wont take on more than two weddings a month. 



Do you just need a quick chat? No problem call 07450078241

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